Why should you visit a psychiatric provider in Portland, Oregon?

Life is tough. We all suffer from periods where the tension of daily life can make it tough to think of anything encouraging. What is concerning is when anxiety and stress become feelings you are not able to get away from. In extreme cases, they can affect your physical health as well.

Deciding whether you should visit a psychiatric provider like a Portland psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner in Portland, Oregon can feel like a big decision. There are countless ads for providers online. How can you really figure out who will be a good fit for you? You possibly have predefined notions about the types of conditions and symptoms that qualify for treatment from a psychiatrist and are convinced that these issues are far more severe than your own! 

Psychiatrists and psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners in Portland, Oregon support people experiencing a vast array of mental health issues. These may include ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, adjustment issues, and OCD.

Six reasons to consider visiting a Portland, Oregon psychiatric provider:

Attention issues:

Inattention is a part of modern life. Computers, smart phones, social media, and television bombard us with stimulation nearly constantly. Employers demand more productivity out of workers each year. More people are noticing a challenge completing their work, or even being present for loved ones. Some of these people may have the neurodevelopmental condition called attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This condition generally develops in childhood but is increasingly thought to persist into adulthood. Many effective treatments exist, but a careful diagnosis based on a clinical history is required. Many common mental health and medical conditions can also cause inattention.

ADHD is notoriously challenging to diagnose. Full assessments can run for over two or three hours and may require speaking to people who know you well. If you suspect you have ADHD and live in Portland, Oregon please reach out to a qualified psychiatric provider.


Depression is an extremely common mood illness categorized by feelings of persistent grief, hopelessness, and irritability. People without depression can experience these emotions as well but depression is typically diagnosed when these symptoms hinder daily life routine and last for a minimum of two weeks. Many people notice that they become depressed during the grey, rainy season in the Pacific Northwest and especially in Portland, Oregon.

Lots of people dealing with depression don’t reach out for support. It is essential to have your symptom assessed quickly before depression causes lasting harms like poor academic or professional performance, or damages personal relationships.


Being anxious before a stressful situation like a job interview is normal and, in some cases, beneficial as it will force you to take the matter seriously. But anxiety can become a problem when it makes day-to-day tasks tough and doesn’t subside. An anxiety disorder is defined as fear, worry, and edginess at times when it is not required or essential.  Portland, Oregon psychiatric providers generally treat anxiety with medication, therapy, or a mixture of the two.

Mood Swings:

We all suffer and go-through natural highs and lows in life, but mysterious mood swings could be a symptom a mental illness. Bipolar disorder is a behavioral disorder that causes severe high and low moods together with changes in behavior, energy, and sleep.

People dealing with bipolar disorder can go through times when they feel joyful and full of energy, and other periods where they feel very sad and weary. Lots of people with bipolar disorder find relief through medication, therapy or both.

Bipolar disorder is notoriously challenging to diagnose and correctly treat. It is also thought to become more severe over time if left untreated. If you suspect you have bipolar disorder and live in Portland, Oregon please reach out to a Portland psychiatrist as soon as you can.

Adjustment Disorders:

The only continual thing in life is change. Though some changes can be tough to circumnavigate. Being jobless, losing a loved one, or moving to a new city can cause sufficient stress that can overwhelm even well-defined coping mechanisms.

Adjustment disorders on their own generally do not require psychiatric treatment but can often develop into more severe depressive episodes or anxiety disorders. Many people choose to establish with a psychiatric provider as a pre-emptive measure—especially if they have had severe mental health episodes in the past! Psychiatric providers in Portland, Oregon can help you avoid such a crisis.


Being concerned about your health, the cleanliness of your home, or the safety of your loved ones is natural and normal. Some individuals suffer from an extreme form of this condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). These individuals may spend hours per day on repetitive activities such as washing their hands, cleaning, or checking locks.

Even though OCD is widely known by the public, it remains an underdiagnosed condition. In addition, even when it is diagnosed it is generally undertreated: medications are generally not dosed high enough to improve symptoms, and commonly used therapy modalities offer little evidence of improvement

If you suspect that you have OCD and live in the Portland, Oregon area it is essential that you see a qualified psychiatric provider. Most providers will have a detailed biography on their website listing their work and academic experience. Look for Portland psychiatrist who have ample training or experience in OCD.

Should I see a psychiatric provider at Benson Behavioral Health?

We want you to make it clear that you are not alone. Lots of people have questions about their mental health and could use support from a behavioral health professional. By working with a Portland, Oregon psychiatric provider at Benson Behavioral Health, you have the chance to address your private issues in a judgment-free environment, resolve or minimize your mental health symptoms, and live a healthier and happier life.

We know that in the current busy era, finding time for mental health services in Portland Oregon can be an extremely difficult task. At Benson Behavioral, we’ll never put anyone on a waitlist. Lots of our new clients can have their first appointment within one week. Portland psychiatrist offer convenient online appointments, so you don’t have to take a day off work to address your mental health needs! We accept many insurance plans! Please see our main page for more information!

We look forward to working with you shortly!

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